Customized Hardwood Cutting board


size: varies
Maple, Walnut, or Mix Maple with Cherry Wood
email us for a custom shape we’ll try to make it happen!
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All of our cutting and charcuterie boards are hand-crafted and custom made, using the finest hardwoods and finishes, each board we make is unique and one of a kind. Each board is finished in a food-safe mineral oil bath, and then protected with our el Wayo Homemade Butcher Block Wax. To preserve the look of your board, we recommend hand-washing only and using a quality cutting board or butcher block food-safe oil or paste.

Customize your charcuterie board the exact way you want it!

Cutting Board Customized with el Wayo Homemade Butcher Block Wax

Walnut, Maple or Maple mix with Cherry

***Price range by design***

All cutting boards are Customized and unique!

email for details on design:

Cutting Board Wood Type

Walnut, Maple, Mix Maple & Cherry


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